How CamperLock works

CamperLock is fastened around the inside handrail or door lock. and keeps the door firmly to the door frame in the caravan or camper.

  • CamperLock can be set for all types of doors. Two forks are included to suit 99% of all doors.
  • CamperLock an also be used when parking in urban areas. Then use driver door, which is less exposed, as exit.
  • CamperLock can be set to tap the outer wall or the profile on fly screen.
  • CamperLock ensures that the door can not be opened from the outside and works every time.
  • CamperLock is initially set to door width, then it takes about. 10 sec. to place it on the door every time.
  • CamperLock is made ​​of high quality stainless steel.
  • CamperLock is a good anti-intrusion when we sleep.
  • CamperLock is coated with a protective coating on the contact surfaces, so that it does not leave scratches.

Secures all types of doors

Note that the two supplied brackets makes CamperLock useable on any type of door. You can choose to use either lock or handrail on the door.

Easy mounting